Personalizes Advice

We advise you on all your questions, how to act for proper maintenance of your piece before being transported, different points of view, so that the mount has more realistic, tips, etc..

Shoulder Mounts

Beautiful and traditional.

There are two ways to perform the assembly, with a wooden base and brass plate or directly to the piece to be placed on the wall in the position that the customer desires.

Pedestal Mounts

In Universo Paralelo taxidermy, we focus on this new technique and spectacular finishes.

Endless possibilities in both large and small mammals, expanding the size of the mount and providing a better finish and greater visual richness.

Judge for yourself.

1/2 Life size mounts

Another type of mount, novel and whether it has space, significantly enhances the beauty of the trophy, being the assembly of the mid-body of the animal, with the appropriate natural habitat, will make your position, a distinctive place.

Life size mounts

Clearly the most spectacular of the three mounting options, without detracting from the others.

With a combination of suitable habitat, excellent finishes are achieved and realism in the pieces.

You can opt for various mounting options in different varieties as well as the option to request placement of a piece as a dam.

Tanning skins

With the latest techniques in the tanning of skins, and with the most suitable products, guarantee the conservation of the same, providing a spectacular finish.

Rug and Blankets

Clearly another increasingly popular option for our customers. All kinds of animals, with open mouth or closed mouth and an exquisite finish flannel.

European skulls mounts

We prepare all kinds of skulls and front. Cleaning, degreasing, bleaching and finishing.

All of our skulls and front, come with wooden base and engraved brass plate.

Tusks mounts

Realizamos todo tipo de encasquillados de colmillos, con un terminación de alpaca excelente

Brass Engraving plates

We all kind of termination of tusks mounts, with an excellent alpaca termination.


We perform hangers with legs of wild boar, deer, roe deer etc.

Excellent finishes and getting a decorative piece of great beauty.

Natural Fish mounts

The best techniques used so far are applied by our taxidermist.

The customer can choose the different options available for mounting.

Please contact us. Thanks.

Fish reproductions

We all kind of reproductions, as well as the ability to copy their trophies and make duplicates if you wish.

Different species of fish, especially salt water, giving a better finish than with the traditional procedure. Want to preserve the species? Enjoy your day of fishing, catch and release performed, photographed, his kind before release. We also encourage hunters to join the conservation of species, like a rhino, a hippo? Shoot a dart, with photos, and measure whether it has horns, write the measurements and send it to us!

Birds mounts

From the smallest to the largest, with the latest techniques and finishes.

Different possibilities, with wings open or closed, forms, custom pedestals and natural habitats.

Natural Habitat

We create all types of natural habitats and dioramas. We studied the trophy, place of origin, flora of the area, animal habits, etc.. to achieve greater realism of the piece and finishing.

Effects of water, ice, snow, splashes, artificial flora varied environments, trees and so on.

Processing cites permit

We find the species you want, process your CITES permit and then perform the installation.

Stop worrying about everything and we handle the entire process

Restoration parts

We restore all types of parts, whether of horn, bone, feathers or scales, always with a quote and after the analysis of our taxidermist.

Manufacture or feet and bases

We manufacture all types of pedestals, coffee tables and cabinets.

Just tell us what you want and we will give you a customized estimate.

All our creations are unique, with the highest quality materials and the finest finishes.

Customs agent for import export processing of trophies

We have our customs broker to handle both imports and exports of their trophies. Relax, leave everything to us and get your trophy once it is completed by us. Contact us.

Transport and collection home

We collect and home delivery for free.

Ask us!

Decorative items for sale

Lamps, skulls, front and resin antlers, key rings, teeth, mouths full and general taxidermy, including all families, fish, birds and mammals

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