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The trust of our customers in our products and services depends on our ability to protect your personal data when you visit our website. The following information about our Privacy Policy reflects our commitment to maintain and ensure safe trade relations through the protection of personal data and guaranteeing the right to privacy of each user of our website. In this document we explain how we use the personal data of our customers.

1. What is personal data?

"Personal Data" means any information concerning a person who is the person we provided when you visit our website. Among others, the name, postal and e-mail address and phone number are included.

Additionally, when you visit our website, certain information is stored automatically for technical reasons (eg, the IP address assigned by your ISP to the Internet or the web site from which you linked to our site or the browser you are using).

February. Which personal data is used and for what purpose?

Any personal information you provide to us by visiting our website will be treated in accordance with the rules of data protection and will only be collected, processed and used for lawful and legitimate purposes for which we inform. We store and use your personal information to make your navigation on our web site as easy and comfortable as possible and to help you register on our site, making a purchase, contact us or send information.

For purposes of making a purchase and other services, we will need information regarding your name, postal and email addresses and information about your preferred method of payment. We also adopt measures and payment methods designed to avoid problems with the payment and fraud. Your data is stored in our customer database, we still need to communicate any updates or changes that may occur in them.

Certain technical information is necessary so that our website can be properly displayed on your computer; this information will be stored and used anonymously for the development of analytical, statistical and improve our website and to increase and adapt our offerings to your preferences, unless you're opposed to this. Can you indicate what your preferences through your user account, or delete them if you oppose it.

Additionally, we also collect and use personal data and technical information when necessary to monitor and prevent unauthorized use or activities that may be illegal (eg, to maintain and ensure safety in the event of attacks on our IT systems).

Finally, we store and use your information if required under applicable law or as necessary to comply with requests from public and / or administrative bodies, and to make possible the exercise of our rights and remedies and for any other purposes referred to in applicable laws.

3. Which technology uses our site?

Our website uses "cookies". "Cookies" are text files that allow us to recognize a user and make use of our site more comfortable. These include, for example, the default setting to show the functionality of our website or shopping area. The "cookies" are stored on the hard drive of your computer and are only transmitted to our servers when you visit our website. We use "cookies" session, which are automatically deleted when you close your browser. You can view and delete the "cookies" stored on your computer, and manage them through the configuration of your browser functionalities. For more information, please contact the manufacturer of the browser or see page "Help". Please note that our website may offer limited functionality if you decide to reject the use of "cookies". We recommend that you delete or erase "cookies" at the end of the visit to our website if you use public access computers and / or shared.

4. Communicate your personal data?

We communicate your personal data to banks for the purpose of being able to enter into contracts on our products and services, which are stored in a centralized database of customers and accounting and billing purposes, and can also communicate these data another party involved in the supply and delivery of our products and services. Also, certain information can be treated by certain service providers have selected with special care and who only use them on our instructions and directions (including, it should include customer service, or central computer services companies developing research market or customer satisfaction surveys, as well as means of payment providers - who perform security checks on our behalf to avoid and prevent fraud or other problems during the payment process - so that you can choose the means of payment that you interests). Here, we only send information to entities that are located within the European Economic Area and, therefore, subject to the rules of the European Union data protection, or who undertake to comply with applicable standards of protection data.

Finally, we will communicate your data and information in accordance with the rules on data protection, to third parties or agencies should be required to do so pursuant to requests from a competent authority, or when we are required by courts and courts or to facilitate the exercise of our rights and remedies.

5. Your details are safe with us?

We have a special concern for ensuring the safety of your personal data. Your data is stored in our information systems, where we have adopted and implemented security measures, technical and organizational, to prevent loss or unauthorized use by third parties. In particular, our employees are required to comply with the duty of secrecy. Those especially sensitive personal data are transmitted or communicated through encryption mechanisms (eg, through the use of SSL connections). You can recognize this by observing that the padlock symbol appears (if using an SSL connection) on your browser. Also, the technical security measures are regularly inspected and adapted to the latest technological changes, if required. These principles are also observed in our relationships with companies seeking your information on our behalf and our instructions.

6. Do we use information from minors?

You are not allowed to register on the website of minors without the consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives. We only collect and use personal data of minors when necessary to form a contract. In this case, only use this information in event that we have the consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives. Minors must have the support of their parents / guardians / legal representatives and consult any doubt before they give their consent.

7. Rights of Users

You have recognized the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, which can freely exercise. The fastest and easiest way to exercise those rights is accessing your user account and change your data directly or delete your user account. Any information we need to store under a legal or contractual obligation, it will be locked and used only for these purposes instead of being removed.

Likewise pudes direct you to exercise your rights to:

David Berges Bolea
C/Monasterio de Veruela , nº5 , Zaragoza 50002

8. Would not you want to receive information from us or wish to withdraw your consent?

You can object to the use of your information for marketing purposes, market research or development of satisfaction surveys at any time and revoke your consent at any time (without retroactive effect). To do so, please send an email to the address If you have received email advertising, you can also oppose from said email, clicking on the link in the same and following the instructions that are provided.

9. Links to websites of other companies

Our website contains links to websites of other companies, which have collaboration agreements for offering deals on products and services. We are not responsible for the measures and precautions taken by these websites regarding the treatment of personal data. The information concerning the processing of personal data carried out in these web pages may be found therein.

10. Social Plugins

On our website we offer called social plugins from different social networks (eg. The "I Like" on Facebook).

If a member of a social network and you click on the appropriate social plugin, the social network provider can link your profile data with information from your visit to this website. It is therefore desirable to inform you of the functions of the respective social network.

If you access one of our websites with one of these social plugins, your browser will call the plugin from social network servers and submit as part of our website.

If you want to enable this function, research on the possibilities of setting your browser about how it handles cookies and "web beacons". The maker of your browser or the providers of the so-called browser extensions and plugins you can provide this information.

11. Doubts about our Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or want to exercise any right or remedy relating to your personal data, please get in touch with us at the following email address:

12. Changes to Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may undergo updates, due to changes and legal requirements as well as due to improvements and changes included in the form of offer and provide our products and services. Therefore, we recommend you visit and sign in to our Privacy Policy periodically to access and learn about the latest changes that have been incorporated. If these changes are related to the consent, in which case an independent and separate notification is sent.